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Robert Babineau

Robert started playing with the Lord Selkirk RFM Pipe Band on Saturdays taught by Geordie Stankey, and Lee Bowmen. Then after graduating played with the St. Andrews grade 3 pipe band for a few years and currently plays Tenor Drum with the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.

David Bowman

David began drumming at the age of 6 on Saturday mornings with the Lord Selkirk RFM Pipe Band. He has been involved with the organization since the early 1990’s as a student, player, and instructor.
David is a former member of the six-time world champion Simon Fraser University Pipe Band, having won two world championships with the band in 2008 and 2009. The SFU Pipe Band is based in Burnaby, British Columbia, and has performed in many of the world’s most prestigious venues, including the Sydney Opera House, Carnegie Hall, the Lincoln Centre for Performing Arts, and the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall.

Lee Bowman
I started my drumming dream when I was 10 years old at Minto Armouries with the Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Pipe Band.
Bob Cooper’s dad, Harold, (Mr. Cooper to me), was my first instructor, and under his guidance, I was quickly playing in the band as a young pup alongside Bob Cooper, Bob Stankey, John Fulton, Jock Peden, and many others, creating friendships that have lasted till this day.
Pipe Major Robert Fraser was founder, leader, inspiration, mentor, and friend to us all, and is sorely missed.
Along the journey I’ve played in a few local bands; Centennial, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, St. Andrews Society of Winnipeg, Stirling, and presently with the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band.
I began instructing with the Lord Selkirk band in the early nineties, after I’d finished my provincial tour of duty with Manitoba Hydro and landed a job in Winnipeg.
I am very blessed to have a family that has embraced the pipe band life. My wife Karen has given much of her time over the years to enhance the experience of being involved in the Lord Selkirk band and the pipe band community as a whole.
All three of my boys were involved in the band. Jeremy took piping from Mr. Fraser, and Ryan and David took drumming from Brian Hoel and me.
I’ve had the privilege of watching them grow up in the band to become fine young men, playing alongside them as adults, and watching them go beyond what I’ve ever even dreamed of.
As a family we have shared many fun trips together, creating great memories and lasting friendships.
I’m honoured to be able to share my love for drumming with the young folks alongside my old friends and my son David.
I am retired from Manitoba Hydro and we currently live in Gimli and have our “wee hoose” at Winnipeg Beach. We enjoy sharing life with our band family.
Stop in for a blether some time!

Bob Cooper
My father was the inspiration for my involvement in pipe bands. From the time he was a boy he played drums in bands in Winnipeg. I was ten years old when he volunteered to teach snare drummers for the Lord Selkirk District Boy Scout Pipe Band. He took me with him and together we enjoyed many years drumming in this and other organizations. Since than I have spent my life playing in pipe bands, most notably, The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders, The St. Andrews Society of Winnipeg and The Winnipeg Police.
The two most memorable events of my career would be, spending the summer of 1970 in Scotland playing in the Edinburgh Tattoo, and winning a North American Championship in 2005 with The St. Andrews Society Grade 3 Pipe Band.
In addition to playing I have enjoyed many years teaching children to drum. I find that teaching provides a sense of accomplishment and much valuable experience. I was an instructor with the Transcona & District Juvenile Pipe Band for 20 years and it was during that time that my younger son Blair began his obsession with bagpipes that have taken him to two World Championships.
Lifelong friendships have been established and maintained through my pipe band experience, the most notable being my 43 year marriage to a young piper in the Heather- Belle Ladies Pipe Band named Lynn. We have two sons, Darrell and Blair.
I have lived my life in and around Winnipeg. I retired after 30 years’ service with the Winnipeg Police and I then spent an additional six years driving school bus for the River East Transcona School Division. I am currently a gentleman of leisure.

John Fulton – pending

Mike MacIver
Mike hails from Kenora, Ontario and began his piping career at the age of 8. He has gained experience from instructors all over the world and has been teaching bagpipes for over 15 years in Canada and Overseas. Mike has had a successful solo piping career, with achievements in the Open/Professional grade including:
– Australasian Piper of the Year (Under 26)
– Winner – Silver Tassie
– Winner – Bill Green OAM Memorial
Mike has been competing with pipe bands in Winnipeg and abroad for over 20 years. He has played with premier Grade 1 bands such as Cullybackey Pipe Band (Northern Ireland) and City of Blacktown (Australia). Mike is currently Pipe Sergeant of the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band and a member of the Grade 1 Peel Regional Police Pipe Band in Toronto, Ontario.

Stephen Moyer

I began playing pipes in the Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Pipe Band in 2005 and graduated from the Lord Selkirk RFM pipe band in 2015 as it’s pipe sergeant. The band has certainly changed over the years, but has always been remained a tight knit, fun group that plays great music! I have countless memories from this band that I will always cherish, from lessons with Mr. Fraser, to hiking up a mountain in Scotland with the band.
After graduating, I joined the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band where I play both performances and competitions with some fellow instructors, past band mates, and new friends.
I became an instructor with the youth band a little over a year after I graduated, after some not so subtle hinting from David Bowman (which I am thankful for) that I should come help out. I started out with the intermediate students and eventually moved on to help out with the full band. It’s been a wonderful experience to go from playing with some of these members, to teaching them, and others, and watching them all progress both in playing, and in life.
Outside of the pipe band, I am going into my final year of mechanical engineering at the University of Manitoba.

Robyn Osmond

My dad had been a tenor and bass drummer in his youth but had taken a break from the pipe band world until I was about 14 years old. The first time I saw him play was in the Gimli parade with the Glenaura Pipe Band, and I was attracted to the music as well as the camaraderie of the band. I had originally wanted to be a side drummer, but I was too impatient to wait until the fall to receive instruction. Instead, every night after my dad got home from work I would ask him to show me a new tenor move or to help me perfect a move we had already worked on. I practiced a lot that summer and played in my first parade, the Morden parade, only a few weeks after picking up my sticks. My side drumming brother and I played in the Crusader Pipe Band; later my brother, dad and I played together in Glenaura and ANAF 60, as it was called at the time.

In my late teens I took some time off but eventually the pipes came calling and I’m now a proud member of the St. Andrew’s Pipe Band, where my dad, brother and I played in the drum corps for several seasons together. It was an honour to play together when St. Andrew’s competed in the Pipe Band World Championships in 2016.

At a certain point I knew it would be time to get my son, Ashton Botelho, involved in the family tradition that is pipe band. Ashton is currently a piping student with the band, and during his lessons I often work with tenor students. I started teaching in the fall of 2015 and typically work with new students. My teaching philosophy is to laugh a lot, have fun, and focus on the basics and the fundamentals as the speed and repertoire of spins will follow. It’s not uncommon to find me at practice scouting out the location of large mirrors and encouraging my students to watch themselves while they practice, which I hope will help my students develop a smooth, even style.

Alex Peden

My life in pipe bands began in chanter class with the Lord Selkirk RFM Pipe Band when I was 7, as the third generation of Pedens to have learned from Mr. Fraser. After graduating to the band, I spent much of my youth playing with the band, including two great trips to Scotland. Since graduating from the band, I’ve continued piping with friends and family with the Grade III St. Andrew’s Pipe Band, and still enjoy passing on the many lessons I learned to the next generation of students. Outside of piping, I’m an economics instructor at the University of Manitoba.

Jock Peden – pending

Dan Sloan
Dan Sloan had his interest in the bagpipes sparked at a very young age by watching various parades march down Portage Avenue. His interest was confirmed by watching the Manitoba Highland Gathering taking place in Selkirk Park in the early 1970’s.
Dan joined the Lord Selkirk Boy Scout Pipe Band as a student in September 1978 under the primary instruction of PM Bob Fraser and also Ian Dickson and was kitted and joined the performance band in July 1979. At the time Mr. Fraser also wanted band members to learn highland dance and Dan was instructed in highland dance by Jennifer White along with fellow bandmates Glen Doyland, Eric Dickson, Brian Krebs, Michael and Scott Sangster and Darryl Steel.
As he learned to play in the band and expand his repertoire Dan also took lessons from D.A. Will from 1979 through December 1984.
In addition to learning to play the pipes some highlights of his time in the LSBSPB were the first trip to Scotland in 1981, Queen Elizabeth’s visit in 1984, Music camp at the Peace Gardens, various parades and festivals in and around Manitoba and trips to Fargo North Dakota and performances in the USA.
Dan graduated from the LSRFMPB on November 16, 1984.
Following his graduation and some time off he joined the St. Andrews Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band under PM Bob Fraser before relocating to Thunder Bay Ontario in January 1990. While in Thunder Bay Dan played with the Thunder Bay Police Pipes and Drums under the direction of PM’s Lorne Clifford and Ken Wilson from 1992 through 1997 when Dan moved back to Winnipeg.
Upon his return to Winnipeg Dan re-joined the St. Andrews Society Pipe Band in about 1999 under the direction of PM’s Bob Fraser and Bob Stankey and remained with that band until the end of the season in 2008. Dan joined the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band in 2009 and currently plays in the parade band with this dynamic group of musicians.
Starting in 2009 Saturday mornings have become one of his favourite days of the week as Dan enjoys working as a chanter instructor with the LSRFMPB students.

Bob Stankey
My name is Bob (Boab) Stankey. My Wife, Carol and I have been married for 40 years. We have two children, Cathie and Geordie. Geordie is also an Instructor with the Band. I worked for Coca-Cola for 34 years as a Lab Tech in Quality Control.
My first piping teacher was Mr. Jack Gunn. Mr. Gunn was a Piper in the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders and an Instructor with this band. I was in the band from the early 1960’s until the early 1970’s. In my early teens, I had private lessons with Pipe Major Neil Sutherland of the Winnipeg Police Pipe Band. I was a member of the Cameron Cadets, the Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders, the Centennial Pipe Band and the St. Andrew’s Pipe Band. I started teaching Pipers in the Band in 1995 and have enjoyed every minute of it. Working with Mr. Fraser was an absolute delight. I would learn something from him about teaching every time we were together. I miss him very much, what a wonderful man.
Please remember one thing, your child has to want to learn their instrument , dragging them out each week because you want a Piper or Drummer in the family won’t work. This is supposed to be fun.
I do not have a cell phone and I’m not on our computer very much, so the best way to get in touch with me is to phone me at 204-338-4180

Geordie Stankey
Geordie Stankey started in the LSBSPB when he was 10 or 11. Brian Hoel was his first instructor on snare drum, then Andrew Forbes on Tenor/Bass. He played with LSBSPB until graduation, and for a while afterwards with the St. Andrew’s Society of Winnipeg Pipe Band. He currently works at DBI Technologies Inc. He began teaching while still in the band, around 2000-2001.